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Melting pot sleeve
Melting pot sleeve is the core component of Magnesium alloy hot chamber machine, it requires high performance due to the poor work conditions.

The development of Matway melting pot sleeve can be traced back to 2001. The research group exploited MTG-L160T melting pot sleeve in 2002, and tried out on 160T Magnesium alloy hot chamber machine of SHENZHEN LEADWELL. MTG-C600T melting pot sleeve was developed in 2006, it is the biggest specifications made in China.

Matway use the self-developed 20X steel, which is equivalent to German material DIN1.2888, by now, hundreds of melting pot sleeves with high performance have been produced.

Quantity guarantee:

1. Service life is over 150,000 modules, repair 6-8 times.

2. Customize provided.

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