Super Hard Cutting Tools

YP Series Tipped PCBN Inserts
Suitable for processing hardened tool steel with hardness above HRC45, cast iron and PM.
Good surface roughness when cutting with high speed, outstanding consistency of the workpiece.
Good stability, precise tolerance, simple to index inserts accurately, with excellent repeatability.
Automated high accuracy and quality braze, for ideal consistence results.
Dry cutting, green environmental protection.
YS Series Solid CBN Inserts
Suitable for rough machining,semi-finishing and finishing of cast iron and quenched work piece.
100% solid CBN inserts can make full use of the entire cutting edge, enables much deeper depths of cut.
Combined abrasion resistance and impact resistance, provides superior machining characteristics.
All available cutting edges, reducing total cost.
Environmentally friendly dry cutting.
YP Series PCD Tipped Profiling Inserts
Suitable for hard machining nonferrous metal materials and non-metallic materials processing.
Outstanding for high speed, high efficiency and high precision processing.
Convenient loading and unloading, allows fast and accurate positioning, saving tool change.
Very high abrasion resistance and superior brazing process provides for long tool life.

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