For General Purpose

SV Geometry
Introduction: SV for semi-finishing. Throughout groove and wide chip groove make cutting available in unstable working conditions. Long chip groove allows high depth of cuts.
GF Geometry
Introduction: GF for finishing; Double-sided chip breaker. Sharp tool nose and strong cutting edge. Good chip control under small cutting depth.
QM Geometry
Introduction: QM for semi-finishing. Smooth chip discharge due to wide chip pocket. Good balance of sharpness and strength due to variable land. Gradient and waved hump wide applicable geometry range.
GM Geometry
Introduction: GM for semi-finishing; Double-sided chip breaker. The cutting edge has flat edge and the cutting edge is strong. Strong flat cutting edge.
QF Geometry
Introduction: QF for finishing; Double-sided chip breaker. Variable ange angle provides enough edge strength at different depth of cut. Curved edge, sharp cutting edge, good chip control and fine surface finish due to curved edge.
QR Geometry
Turning Insert for Steel Roughing:
Superior wear resistance and fracture toughness:Highly wear resistant substrate with super fine coating structure.
Strong cutting edge: Suitable for heavy interrupted cutting and other unstable conditions.
Ideal chip formation:Good chip control and chip evacuation, constant directional chip flow in complete depth of cut range 2~6.5 mm.
QR Geometry + GP1225 Grade: Good balance of wear resistant and toughness. Suitable for continuous and light interrupted roughing of steel.
QR Geometry + GP1135 Grade: Excellent fracture resistance. Suitable for roughing of steel and alloy steel in unstable conditions, first choice in medium to heavy interruption.
QH Geometry
Single Side Turning Inserts for Heavy Duty Cutting:
Super strong edge provides superior fracture toughness:Facture resistance substrate with super fine coating structure.
Variable land and progressive chip breaker space,generating lowered cutting forces. Low vibration even at high depth of cut and high feed rates.
Good chip control and evacuation.
Constant chip direction through out entire depth of cut range.
Straight edge line with reinforcement balances strength and cutting action.
Can handle the most demanding heavy duty cutting.
Carbon steels, cast iron, alloy steels, heavy interruption, cast skin and scale, forging skin and flame cut surfaces.
QH Geometry + GP1135 Grade used to unstable cutting of steel.
QH Geometry + GP1225 Grade used to stable and general cutting of steel.

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