External Turning Tool Holders

Positive Inserts with S Type Clamping System
High tool life: The cutter body made by high intensity steel with specially treated surface, which has superior wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Tool life significantly increases when it perfectly combined with high intensity and wear resistance insert.
High precision: high-end products are produced with the advanced equipment, high level professional talents and excellent producing process.
Usability: Installation and replacement of inserts can be quickly completed since the Insert is clamped by screw.
Universality: Suitable for positive insert with a wide range of geometry.
Economy: Products with high cost performance to save your tool cost.
Negative Inserts with M type Clamping System
Double clamping making insert more stable: Using shim, screw and clamp can make insert to achieve double clamping and high stability.
Suitable for heavy cutting: Double clamping keeps the insert well fixed during heavy cutting.
Negative inserts: When negative insert is installed on the turning toolholder, relief angle is formed naturally, thus facilitates brisker cutting.
Universality: Suitable for negative inserts with different geometries.
Economy: Toolholder is protected by the insert shim when the insert is seriously destroyed.

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