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Magnesium alloy products
Magnesium alloy products including: magnesium alloy cold chamber machine matched quantitative melting and holding furnace, magnesium alloy hot chamber machine matched furnace, gas protective system & controlling system, quantitative feeding pump and components, etc.
Our advantages: reliable quality, good-looking appearance, the property can meet the equal level of foreign product and the price is lower than the same industry.
The most important, the quantitative pump material, crucible material, magnesium ingot preheat automatic feeding machine, leakage protective system are domestic initiative products.
Meanwhile, we are the technology provider, the core competence lies in continuous research & development capabilities and industry technology service. By now, we have established long-term strategic cooperation with leading enterprises such as, FOXCONN, Huafu, Catcher Technology, Chuang jinmei technology co. LTD, Shenzhen Jiari group , SHENZHEN LEADWELL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, Hong Kong rapid machinery manufacturing co. LTD in product, technology, market area.

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