For General Purpose

UP100 Endmills for General Purpose
①Suitable for Steels&Cast Iron(≤35HRC).
②Sharp Cutting Edges Design,Meet the Cutting of Soft Material.
UP210 Endmills for General Purpose
①Suitable for Steels & Cast Iron(≤48HRC).
②High Performance AlCr Series Coating,High Temperature Resistance and High Wear Resistance.
③Adapt to Several Kinds of Cooling Conditions,for Example Oil Mist, Water, Oil, Air Cooling.
SP210 Endmills for High Efficiency Machining
①Suitable for High Efficiency Machining of Steels&cast Iron(≤48 HRC) .
②Variable Helix Angle and Differential Flute Pitch, Reduces Vibration.
③Applicable to High Efficiency Machining of Large Cutting Depth (ap), Large Cutting Width (ae) .
UPR100 Endmills for Roughing Application
①Suitable for Roughing of Steels & Cast Iron(≤48HRC).
②Special Chip-Breaking Cutting Edge Design,for Roughing Applications.
UPM100 Endmills for Micro Machining
①Suitable for Pocket Milling of Steels & Cast Iron(≤48HRC).
②Longer Neck Design, Prevents Collisions With Workpiece Duringdeep Pocket Milling of Mold Rib Areas.

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